Friday, June 12, 2009

"Mad Men" Season Three Set Pic - Spoilers?

I don't think this shot will spoil the upcoming season too much, although it does give us a good sense of when the series picks up. Outside of any dream sequence/flashback excuse, I would guess we're looking at the middle of 1963. This leads me to believe that we'll see the JFK assassination well-covered this year. Some might think this a natural backdrop, but much of the history covered in the show so far is subtler (the Jamaica Bay plane crash) and less era-defining (the Cuban Missile Crisis notwithstanding).

Jon Hamm looks good 'n dapper (although with the JFK context in mind, there's a menace to his hat that reminds me of Jack Ruby), and January Jones looks like a dollop of pink meringue (if such a thing exists).

I don't know who the guy with the shades and Sharpie necklace is -- the Drapers new au pair boy?

Picture courtesy of by way of Buzzfeed where you can find more. Well, one more.

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